Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baby it's cold outside..................(Winter Precautions for your plants)

As the famous lines remind us........ Yes it is cold outside during those winter months.
Here are some tips for you when ordering your new little living creatures are are located in a colder climate.
Air plants are cold sensitive.
They do fine with shipping however they hate to be left outside during this time of year.
Here in sunny southern Florida we rarely deal with the cold. Do your due diligence and check your weather during the colder month before you order. When you order and if it is snowing or below 40 degrees in your area make sure to make your postal woman or man aware that you are waiting on a package that is cold sensitive. Work out with them a warm place to leave them. Maybe a neighbor or someplace warm where they will not freeze.
Not even sure what your postal worker looks like.........
Leave a note telling them exactly where to leave your new little creatures to keep them happy and healthy.
To help your new little additions during their trip add a heat pack to keep them toasty during their travel. Heat packs help with the trip however if left outside there are no amount of heat packs that will save your new plants.

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